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Telly star Stephen Mulhern chats to HRM!

Back in the summer, our two Dolphin Beats presenters, Ellie and Brooke, had an opportunity to go behind the scenes at the filming of ITV's 'In For A Penny' and while they were there, they grabbed the host Stephen Mulhern for a quick chat. You can hear the interview airing in Dolphin Beats, HRM's show for the kids in Dolphin Ward, on Sundays 12-1, or you can hear it now on our Soundcloud page

Ellie and Brooke said: "We love Stephen's shows, and he was even nicer in real life than he is on the tv. It's great that he had time to talk to us so that we can play it on our show for all the kids in Dolphin Ward to hear as well."

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