We love our team, and they give up their time voluntarily to bring entertainment, information and friendship to patients and staff.  Let's meet the people you'll hear on HRM and see on your ward.

Pictured below are: Adrian Last, Adrian van Dort, Alan Hardy, Alan Hare, Allan Rising, Anne Whitehead, Bernie Reynolds, Beth Heffernan, Bobby Martin, Brian Collyer, Colin Silk, Damian Veck, David Slater, Derek May MBE, Dominic Ashman, Eduardo Jackson, Eileen Griffin, Ellie & Brooke, Eunice Norman, Gordon Clark, Graham Miller, Helen Hardy, Ian James, Jim Band, Lesley Storer, Liam Heffernan, Megan Colegate, Mick Leipold, Mike Billingham, Nicholas Kerr, Nigel Bister, Peter Finch, Renato Abeydeera, Richard Bartlett, Richard Crook, Sally Reynolds, Shannon Griffin, Steve Watt, Tony Slater, Vanessa Collyer and Veronica Lees

The shy guys (ok, so we don't have their photo yet) are: David McGonigle, Marcus Chambers, Rosie Martin, Stuart Hirst, Tom May, Tony Wicker

HRM (Hospital Radio Medway) is the radio station for the Medway Maritime Hospital. 

We're on-air 24/7 throughout the hospital via our website, the TuneIn app and NHS wifi, with music, news and information.

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