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There's something for everyone on HRM-FM. Our main programme is The Request Show which you can usually hear every day, though during this unprecedented time, our live programmes are reduced.


And, just as regular, Ease Up To Midnight can be heard daily from 10pm with 2 hours of smooth, relaxing music to end the day.

All day and all night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, HRM-FM has programmes on-air specially produced for patients and staff in the Medway Maritime Hospital. From specialist music to general entertainment, sport to interviews, you're sure to find something interesting to listen to.

You'll also find plenty of news and information from across the hospital, and everything you need to make your stay or visit to the hospital easier.  All thanks to our close links with the staff and hospital management.


All you need to do is complete this form and your request will be on HRM-FM. If it's easier, you can call us on 01634 974444, text us on 07520 633310 or email us via  We'll try and stick to the date and time, though we are broadcasting a reduced number of live request shows so we may need to change it.  We'll let you know this though.

Thanks for requesting a track. We'll do our best to play it at the time you've asked

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